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The Imagine Hotels group was created to promote a very unique destination and to ensure quality in accommodation of each visitor. With the necessary experience, the group companies have now established their action and consistently offer the best service. We ensure proper customer service, while giving value to the concept of true hospitality and recalling that holidays in Skopelos is a truly unique experience.

Creating and maintaining trusted relationships with our customers, partners and colleagues demonstrate that the group has some of the best hotels in Skopelos. Until now, the firm policy and the validity of the group has included the potential of the excellent facilities of the Aeolos Hotel, Sunrise Village Hotel and Akti Fine Rooms.

The unique style of each facility, always adapted to the insular and traditional elements of Skopelos, in harmony with the colors of the island can meet the requirements and needs of each guest. Guardianship and service organization receive special management to ensure in each case a comfortable and pleasant stay. The service is our personal pleasure and every commitment turns into action in all hotels of Imagine Hotels group.

We are proud